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This past Friday, I got chance to go to Mozilla's View Source Conference—thanks to winning a ticket at Frontend NE!

My conference lanyard and a number of Mozilla stickers
My conference lanyard and a number of Mozilla stickers

I travelled down to London on the Thursday and did some touristy things first of all. I visited the Tate Modern for the first time in 9 years(!) and did a bit of shopping too. Then on Friday morning I headed over to The RSA for the one day, single-track conference.

Saron Yitbarek giving a talk at View Source Conference
Saron Yitbarek speaking at View Source Conference

And what a day it was! I loved a lot of the sessions, especially those from Saron Yitbarek (pictured above) and one of my developer heroes, Jen Simmons.

Saron spoke around how we that work on the web need to make it easier for newbies to get started. She created an initiative called CodeNewbie as “the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.” As someone who’s part of a church, this talk was so applicable to lots of things I do to do with getting people involved.

My favourite talk of the day came from Jen Simmons, Designer Advocate at Mozilla and creator of the Firefox Grid Inspector. I’ve followed Jen’s work for a long time now as one of the biggest advocates of CSS Grid and it was incredible to see where we’ve come from and where we’re going with layout on the web.

You can check out all the notes I took and watch all the videos over on Notion.