A full conference room with two large projector screens on the back wall, featuring a bright green slide, Rick's picture and text introducing Rick. He is stood on the stage at the bottom.

Hey there! 👋
I'm Rick, and I'm a full stack lead software engineer from the UK.

I'm currently working as Lead Software Engineer for Wattle where I get to build websites and software. This means I'm working across tech stacks—C# .NET, SQL and Umbraco as well as HTML, CSS/Sass, JS/ES6+ and Node.

I'm a 2× Umbraco MVP, Umbraco Certified Master and part of the Umbraco Community Sustainability Team.

This site is a little bit of a playground for me to use for new tech, so have a look around!

If you want to get in touch, you can email me on [email protected]