Using multidimensional arrays in C#

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  • 3 minutes to read

In a recent project with a client, we were presented with this matrix for generating a score based on two different parameters.

URL rewriting in Umbraco 8 — Part 2

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  • 7 minutes to read

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about using IUrlProvider in Umbraco 8 to generate custom URLs for blog posts.

Umbraco Unicore first impressions

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  • 5 minutes to read

On Thursday 3rd September, Umbraco HQ announced the first alpha of Unicore, Umbraco v8 running on .NET Core!

URL rewriting in Umbraco 8

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  • 6 minutes to read

I recently migrated a website from WordPress to Umbraco and was keen to keep some of the great SEO work driving traffic into the site.

An introduction to Umbraco 8

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  • 2 minutes to read

Umbraco has introduced three major new features with Umbraco 8. Let's dig into some of those new features here.

View Source Conference

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  • 1 minutes to read

This past Friday, I got chance to go to Mozilla's View Source Conference—thanks to winning a ticket at Frontend NE!