umbracodegen: generating boilerplate code for the new Umbraco backoffice

I went down a bit of an Umbraco Bellissima rabbit hole this weekend and built a little tool for myself that I wanted to open source - introducing umbracodegen!

Screenshot of a macOS terminal showing umbracodegen running

Grab it from npm, install it in your project and run umbracodegen generate or umb generate on the command line to start an interactive builder to generate boilerplate for your components (only sections, dashboards and sidebars currently)

npm i umbracodegen -D
umb generate

It is VERY rough and ready right now, probably doesn't work 100%, but I wanted to build a way to speed up the time taken to create components for the new backoffice similar to how I've seen things like ng generate work before for Angular projects.

I've never built a CLI tool before but this was a fun little project using plop, commander and figlet!

Install via npm