Whilst your here Rick, I've just had some very kind words from Kai at NCC with regards to you jumping on the urgent Content Hub issue reported this afternoon. He actually thanked you about 3 times in message which is unheard of from Kai and thanked you for your "professionalism" and "reactivity" to the issue. So a very big Cheers to you for your continued hard work for them and the other clients/projects your working on at the moment.

Dave Brislane, Head of Technology, Nexer Digital

Digging this out to add some comments I feel are worthy before Rick goes on holiday for a well deserved break.

I see him literally bombarded daily with work across a range of technologies and clients and seems to take it all in his stride. He's very knowledgeable and skilled and I have quite enjoyed working with him recently.

He's also the fastest Jira operator I've ever seen on standups.

Shane Prendergast, Front End Team Lead, Nexer Digital

I think you're the most proactive dev I've ever met you know. Like if there's a problem or a question you always just know what to do and get on it or if you don't know you still just do it.

It's like you've figured out the perfect balance of being proactive without being overworked. I've been reading about being proactive vs reactive recently and you basically epitomise it perfectly.

Harley Callaghan, Apprentice Test Analyst, Nexer Digital

Rick is such an integral part of the Nexer team, and is an avid contributor to the Umbraco community too. On projects, he brings a wealth of knowledge, and consistently feeds back learnings and work back to the Umbraco community.

Recently, a client asked for a search that recognised any spelling mistakes and give recommendations in the style of "did you mean?". We discovered that Umbraco didn't have this functionality built-in, so he built this, then open-sourced this functionality, by releasing it as a NuGet package, hopefully helping Umbraco builds of the future.