I love to speak at events, meetups, conferences and more on topics such as Umbraco, .NET, CSS and sustainability.

Green Code: A Blueprint for Eco-Friendly Websites

  • Codegarden 2024

Sustainability is a hot topic, and lots of great talks have scratched the surface. In this talk, we dive into the practical application of green code with real world examples we can apply to everyday software development, and how those intersect with performance and accessibility.

This talk will demonstrate how to make practical changes to your code (with live demos!) to make a tangible difference in your work based on up and coming standards such as the Web Sustainability Guidelines 1.0 and Low Impact Manifesto. We'll learn how to implement better caching, lazy loading, iframe facades, use MiniProfiler testing, optimse images and async all the things.

Grounded in real world examples, this talk will encourage people to embrace green code both from the start of a project and in day-to-day support, whether you have 30 minutes or $30k to play with.

Generating a TypeScript OpenAPI client from Umbraco's Content Delivery API

  • Umbraco Manchester Meetup

The launch of Umbraco 12 saw the release of the powerful Content Delivery API. Combined with Webhooks introduced in Umbraco 13, this makes an impressive combo for working with statically generated websites. In this talk, we'll explore the practical step-by-step process of setting up a website (Astro in this demo) to use Umbraco's Content Delivery API by dynamically generating a TypeScript client using openapi-typescript-codegen. We'll also discover how including other community packages can enhance the workflow by generating strongly typed TypeScript models and simplifying the process of building on the front end. Plus, how we can use this same tooling for creating packages for the new Umbraco backoffice, Bellisima!

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  • umbraCoffee

On Friday 3rd February I joined Callum on umbraCoffee to talk about speaking at Codegarden and other Umbraco news.

Introducing the Carbon Intensity API

  • MaccTech

National Grid have released a free, open API to query the past, present and future carbon usage of the grid as a whole and at regional level. This talk is a high level exploration of that API.